Compliance Statement

We, board members, and employees of TOYO RIKAGAKU KENKYUSHO CO., LTD, all adhere to this code of conduct and do our best to act accordingly.

  • 1.Fundamental principles

    We contribute to the realization of a prosperous and comfortable society by providing useful products for society through technology.

  • 2.Sound management

    We disclose management information in a fair and timely manner to enhance the soundness of our management.

  • 3.Relationship with clients

    We conduct fair and equitable transactions and foster a relationship of mutual trust based on the understanding that our clients are our business partners.

  • 4.Protection of the environment

    We actively work to protect the environment by promoting resource and energy conservation, reducing and reusing waste, and preserving the environment.

  • 5.Respect for dignity and human rights

    We respect each individual’s character and refrain from acts that offend the dignity of the individual, such as discrimination and the use of negative language or behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable, both inside and outside the company.

  • 6.Challenging workplace

    We respect the individuality and values of our employees, work to develop a workplace that makes the most of their abilities, and strive to create a workplace that is challenging but rewarding.

  • 7.Compliance with laws and regulations

    We perform our duties in a socially sensible manner and comply with the laws and regulations, generally recognized rules, contracts, company rules, etc. related to the business.

  • 8.No involvement with antisocial forces

    We refuse to do business with or provide favors to anti-social forces and groups that pose a threat to social order and safety for any reason whatsoever.

March 25, 2016
Shunichi Sugita, the president and CEO of TOYO RIKAGAKU KENKYUSHO CO., LTD.

ISO Activities

ISO standards are well-established international standards and are regarded as criteria for judging corporate value.
We have acquired two ISO certifications and use them as important tools to enhance our corporate value.
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Risk Management Policy

  • Directly linked to management for business continuity.
  • Visualize risks in every corner of the company based on the four pillars of internal control, safety and health committee, QMS, and EMS.