Company Profile

Management philosophy

Living with Technology.


For our company, technology is our core, our lifeline.It is safe to say that our company’s existence would not be possible without continuous technological innovation.We have forged good relationships with our clients through our unique and outstanding technology, evolving and refining our skills.The foundation of these efforts lies in our enthusiasm to boldly take on and accomplish any difficult task, and our spirit of inquiry into leading-edge craftsmanship. We aim to be a company that continues to create innovative technology, always looking toward the future.

Social development

Since the establishment of our company, our mission has been to contribute to the development of the local industry and Japan, and we have developed by placing the highest value on trust and reliability above all else and following our aspiration to serve the community.Regardless of changes in the times, in order for us to continuously grow and develop, it is important that we continue to adhere to the spirit of mutual benefit that has been consistent from the time of our founding to the present.Keeping in mind that we are members of society, we always aim to be a company that contributes to the advancement of the world.

Human resource development

We have a corporate culture that values people and harmony and aspire to be a company where everyone can work together in harmony and with enthusiasm.Also, a company is a place where employees can improve their skills, techniques, and minds through their work and realize their dreams. The ability of each employee to work with a strong outlook on life and dreams and to grow personally is the most important foundation for the company’s growth.We always aim to be a company that nurtures and harmonizes people and their dreams, valuing the connections between people.

Our Company’s Motto


Pursue work that creates trust and joy


Strive to work with respect and courtesy


Conduct work with pride and confidence