Product Information

Metal chassis

TOYO RIKAGAKU KENKYUSHO meets the needs of all kinds of metal chassis such as mobile phones, smartphones, PCs, cameras, and music players.When we receive inquiries about the manufacture of custom-shaped chassis, we do our best to satisfy our clients by optimizing our manufacturing methods and technologies for each chassis.

Product Examples

Various metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium are used for manufacturing according to the clients’ requests.Here are some of our products.Tell us your ideas on how you want to process your products. We are happy to accommodate your requests.

  • Electronic component chassis (aluminum)

    These are metal chassis for electronic components made of aluminum.It is also possible to add color by Anodizing treatment.

  • IT chassis (stainless steel)

    They are mobile phone chassis made of stainless steel that is rust-resistant and strong.Various textures and colors can be achieved by our unique surface treatment process.

  • IT chassis (aluminum)

    For mobile phones that are used every day, aluminum chassis are ideal to prevent rust and keep them looking beautiful for a long time.A wide variety of colors are also available.

  • IT chassis (titanium)

    With our processing technology, it is possible to manufacture frames and other complexly shaped chassis.

  • Music player chassis (titanium)

    These are music player chassis made of titanium, a material that is versatile and is used in many products.

  • Camera chassis (titanium)

    These are camera chassis made of titanium.Since a camera must be made up of a wide variety of parts, high-precision machining is required.