Surface treatment

Other metals surface treatment

Surface treatments for magnesium and tungsten are also available.

We are constantly developing surface treatment technologies by making full use of a wide variety of analyzers and measuring devices.Please feel free to contact us for metal surface treatment that was said to be difficult to handle by other companies.


Chemical coating and anodizing (under research and development)

The metal surface is chemically treated to produce a coating of insoluble compounds.It contributes to the improvement of corrosion resistance.

Beneficial impact Imrpovement in corrosinon resistance

Tungsten and palladium probes

Electrolysis polishing

We can create probes for inspection of semiconductor substrates by electrolysis polishing as well as various standardized shapes by controlling electrolysis conditions.In addition, electrolysis polishing can be used to produce fine probe pins at a lower cost than machining and those cannot be produced by machining.

Beneficial impact Allows the manufacture of probes for inspection of semiconductor substrates by precision polishing

Other treatments available for any metals

Painting (baked painting line for metal)

Our baked painting line for metal meets your requirements.Painting can improve decorative and corrosion resistance.It can be applied in both spindle lines and robot booths.

[Facilities] Baked painting: Robot painting line x 1 unit, spindle painting line x 1 unit
[Paintable metals] Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and magnesium

Beneficial impact Improvement of corrosion resistance and appearance


Impeller blasting (iron powder) and air blasting (ceramic beads) are available.Please consult with us for details as each has different characteristics.

Beneficial impact Improvement of design
Air blasting

Air blasting uses high-pressure air to spray the media onto the product, which adds bumps and dips to hide the scratches.It uses hard and light media such as ceramic beads, glass beads and alumina and can be applied on a variety of metals.

By adjusting the direction of the nozzle, it is possible to control the spraying directions in detail, and it is relatively easy to replace the media.

Impeller blasting

Impeller blasting uses a rotating impeller to spray the media and hide the scratches on the product. The media used are not too hard but heavy, such as reduced iron powder.

It is suitable for aluminum, for which surface treatment is applied after blasting, as residual iron powder on the surface can cause corrosion.

Compared to air blasting, impeller blasting uses a larger amount of media and is faster.This method is suitable for mass production of the same standard product because it is not easy to change the spray setting and media.

Various polishings (mirror polishing/hairline polishing)

We mainly provide hairline polishing and buffing.The metal surface is scraped and polished in minute amounts with an abrasive agent to achieve the client’s desired condition.

Beneficial impact Improvement of design


We offer screen printing, pad printing and laser marking.

Beneficial impact Improvement of design